From a family of miners

Our history in the Mining Basin

A hard and beautiful life

A story of tastes

From a common history around the Mining Basin was born Suite d’Histoires. They are three at the origin of the project, Monique and her son Valentino but also their friend Bernadette. Together they bought a house which they rebuilt from A to Z in almost 20 years. From a house that was barely standing, they knew how to make the most of it. From this work was born a lodging where life is good where each object has been hunted with passion and has found its place.

Comfort at the heart of the project

All three work and live in the Mining Basin on a daily basis. They know the territory like the back of their hand and want to share all these nuggets with passing visitors. For that, they made this gîte as if it were going to become their home, because it represents them but also their history with the Mining Basin that they love so much.

A history intertwined with that of the Miners, who made the region what it is. Moreover within the lodging you will find the lamp of Miner of the father of Monique, its token of the room of the hanged as well as part of its equipment.

A timeless break

This is how the Suite d’Histoires gîte was imagined: like a timeless break. A break that we take as a couple, with family or friends. Everything has been thought of for this! From the table that can accommodate fifteen people on the terrace to the garden designed in separate spaces to enjoy a few moments of privacy. We do not discover all the treasures of Suite d’Histoires in the blink of an eye. Suite d’Histoires can be discovered and savored by taking the time. A break that the owners have imagined for you. Like a cocoon to better set out again to discover the beauties offered by the territory.

A painting as a common thread

At the start of the project, the three owners fell in love with a painting by painter Joan Miro, representative of the surrealist movement. So you will find a reproduction of the latter in the gîte. Will you be able to find all the touches recalling it in the decoration? Indeed, they had fun placing in many places small graphic and colorful elements that allow to find touches reminiscent of the painter. In short, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Our history in the Mining Basin
Rent in the heart of the mining basin

Visit and rest

Come and live a unique experience in the heart of the mining basin in our beautiful house in Liévin.

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